TV Branded Documentary for Lacta (Nestle), 2014

The film “Is There Love?” is a documentary about love in the years of crisis and also about Social Media influence. It was created for Lacta.

The protagonist, Yannis Stankoglou, is an actor who deals with the issue of love. He begins an investigation to find out if “there is love” out there and how the economic crisis in Greece and Europe, has changed the priorities of young people, and also how the Social Media have affected the way they flirt.

The film has received many awards, among them the Grand Ermis Award.


Production: Stefi Productions
Author: Leonidas Panonides, Panos Sabrakos
Director: Leonidas Panonides
Producer: Giorgos Grezelis
DOP: Dionyssis Lampiris
Editing: Stella Filipopoulou